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Development Platforms

The choice of platform for any software system is driven by many factors but mainly by the prevalent hardware and operating systems already in place, plus any specific performance or peripheral requirements.

When asked to recommend platforms, we steer clients toward systems with the lowest cost of ownership for acceptable performance levels. In choosing software solutions for development and for data storage, we likewise steer towards simplicity in the number of components needed to produce and install a running application.

Here are the guidelines we have used in recommending platforms...

Departmental, Enterprise Systems

Web-based front-end for simple interfaces; Java for complex interfaces

SQL back-end data storage

C/C++ back-end engines

Desktop Applications

Visual Basic front-end

JET database

Distributed Applications

Visual Basic front-end

SQL back-end data storage

Scientific Simulations

Visual Basic where performance is not essential

C/C++ where performance is paramount

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