J Lusa Computing LLC


List of Services

Data Models, Relational Database Designs

We work closely with your organization to develop comprehensive and exact data models of your systems. We can also deliver relational database designs (schema) to support the data models.

We deliver Direct-to-Schema relational database designs when working in Rapid or Lean environments.

Desktop and Distributed Application Development

We can develop desktop or distributed applications of virtually any size and complexity. Much of our experience here has been in developing 'retail quality' applications for corporate and customer-base use. See Development Methodologies and Platforms

Project Leadership (Rapid and Lean Design and Development)

We supply project leadership to guide your development staff through projects using Rapid and/or Lean methodologies, stressing the difference between leadership and management. Leadership inspires directed action where management addresses accountability first and results second.

Scientific and Mathematical Simulations

We have developed cellular automations to simulate the behavior of complex and dynamic systems. We have also employed recursive algorithms to fully traverse solution spaces of intrinsically hard problems.

Semantic Analysis

Semantic Analysis is often the crucial missing link in failed projects; the various stakeholders do not share a common lingo and therefore do not achieve a sufficient level of cohesiveness.

We analyze the semantic elements of your business, develop glossaries and syllabi for the targeted domains, and promote the use of the glossary and syllabi through short but effective Semantic Analysis sessions with designated stakeholders. A few short Semantic Analysis sessions will get your project started on a good interpersonal footing.

Solutions for Wicked Problems

Wicked Problems are those for which no true solution is or can be known. There are many forms of wicked problems, indeed few can be categorized, and for some the problem cannot even be stated well. Wicked Problems can embody feedback loops, innumerable solutions (NP-completeness), or fields of solutions with multitudes of local minima and/or maxima.

We work tenaciously toward solutions for Wicked Problems by fostering cooperation and participation among all stakeholders, and a strong commitment by each toward finding a solution, all the while ready to abandon the problem should it appear unassailable with a given resource budget.

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