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Turing Programs

Turing 4.1.1 is now free at... http://compsci.ca/blog/download-turing-411/

What it does...

The Turing computer language is a product of Holt Software of Toronto, Canada. It is an educational language with similarities to C, C++, Pascal and Java.

The compressed folder TuringLibrary.zip contains source code that can be run with the Turing language. Some of these programs require one or more library routines also found in the compressed folder.

The Programs...

LIFE.T John Conway's Game of Life programmed in Turing

CELL.T A simulation of germ and white blood cell population dynamics programmed in Turing; this helped my 8-year old son understand the fever he had at the time.

SKETCH.T A simulation of a child's sketch toy programmed in Turing; this was the class exercise in an eight week middle school programming class.

The Fine Print


Users of Turing Programs must accept this disclaimer of warranty:

"Turing Programs is supplied as is. The author disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The author assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of Turing Programs."


Windows 95 or higher, with at least 512 K free disk space, plus a Turing license (DOS Turing and Windows OOT versions should work).


Download the compressed folder TuringLibrary.zip using the link below, and then copy the enclosed files to a folder where you can reach them with Turing.

Click to download... TuringLibrary.zip

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